A Model Inmate


Fifteen metre length male Qiva’Repton (shiva-rep-tun) at over 300 kilograms with armour.

Unusually calm and friendly demeanour. Possesses a demonstrated ability to absorb sources of evil.


For a Qiva, Ssssss’ak is a particularly large specimen. He was raised for centuries by his kind on the isle of Vizandra since before the time of The Sealing.

It is said that his father was a great and powerful shaman, and it was from him that he learnt the lost art of Sin Eating. From any evil entity, be it an artifact or person, Ssssss’ak has the ability to consume and absorb its energy for his own use.

Due to the inexorable march of time and the relatively small life cycle of the smaller races, nobody but Ssssss’ak remembers the reason he was imprisoned in The Birdcage. But he continues to use his fellow prisoners as a source of food and enjoyment, much to the delight of the guards and the definite chagrin of the newer inmates.


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