Thank you so much for being such a great group, I sure was tired from a lack of food Dr. Pepper but I still had a lot of fun. We traveled ahead real smooth-like, including the creation of a new character, but some of the things I want to fix for next week include:

  • There was positional confusion at the end of the first fight, everybody tracking who was standing where, so for next week I’ll grab some models which you can see here: Bard, Mage and Rogue
  • Remember that you can do what you want! It’s my job to translate your actions into dice rolls, don’t feel as if you have to wrestle with me or the players or the game rules or the barriers society places on you as a sword-for-hire or any of that noise.
  • Learn your chosen spells because I can’t memorise 2,000 abilities, if you don’t know the spell details I will dub that a miscast. That probably won’t be good news for your hands. On the other hand if you can tell us the nature of the spell, even if its the description from the book, I’ll give you +1 to whatever you need to roll.
    For those of you who have watched Bleach, this is like when you say the full incantation for the kidō and it gets more powerful — magic fact.
  • I’ll eat something substantial first. Holy shit the hunger.

This week in ADVENTURE: Our budding young heroes are magically teleported to a machine that makes stones! Its primary function seems to be to teleport people. However, stones.


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