Atticus 'Baelmire' Farello

The Man. The Mask. The Magicks.


Level 2 Human Mage (Male, Chaotic Neutral)


A novice slinger of the arcane arts, and admirer of ‘misunderstood’ creatures, Atticus the Impetuous begins his tale.

As the son of Lucain Farello and the great enchantress Delphoras Farello, Atticus lead a life of study and isolation, enrolled in the same academy that his mother had once studied at.
Atticus adopted the name “Baelmire” through the baleful creatures he takes interest in. (He claims that he tamed a large frog after getting lost on an excursion through the wetlands near his academy. After he was found, the frog was apparently killed before Atticus could defend his new found companion.)
During his years within the academy, he seemed to become more proficient in the theoretical subjects, though his efforts in casting the magic he studies leaves much more room for improvement. Despite his devoted years of research, Atticus has yearned to experience the thrill of adventure and seek out ways to put his arcane knowledge to use.

From a young age, Atticus has gotten along well with his father, learning tidbits of wisdom about the world and its creatures from various walks through the forest. Though opposed to the strict curriculum that his mother had planned for the young boy, Lucain just wanted to see his child lead a happy, fulfilling life. Before marrying, Lucain Farello was an adventurer from a young age, learning of nature through a druid companion who traveled with him. After several years of experiencing the world, he found himself in the arms of an enchantress, and having renounced his adventurer title in order to marry her.

Delphoras never quite grasped the concept of motherhood, and proved to be an awkward parent. Throughout her desperate efforts to connect with her son, she introduced him to magic, allowing them to bond at last. However, against her husbands wishes, she enrolled him into the magical academy that she had once studied at, believing that it would help her connect to her son. Before her motherhood, Delphoras was renowned as a great enchantress, capable of tampering with the minds of mortal men, charming them into doing her bidding. She was hired by several tyrannical noble families in hopes of gaining more power, but in the end, she had cheated them out of their ill gained properties, turned them on each other, and claimed them for herself. Shortly after, she was swept off of her feet by a ranger by the name of Lucain, after he had quelled a former noble who had the maiden at knife-point.

After his studies, Atticus was given a mask, adorned with illusion magic. However, after hearing about his fathers reunion with some old adventuring friends, he departed, hoping to accompany his father. With a bag packed with an assortment of magical knick-knacks, he set of in pursuit of his dad, leaving his poor mother behind.

Now he travels within the labyrinth of the Birdcage, with his new allies Marshal, Eva, Seth, Fenrick and a peculiar monstrosity affectionately called “Astosoline”, a gargantuan arachnid bestowed upon the young mage by a spider queen, after it attempted to devour his allies.

Within the party, Atticus likes to hang back, and allow the more confident members take action before he attempts anything That said, he wishes to keep his allies alive, and he hopes that his feelings are mutual. During combat, he prefers long range attacks and pin-pointing weaknesses. He will seek vengeance if struck, and will ferociously hunt down his adversary in hopes of wracking them with as much pain as his magic can allow.
Out of combat, he enjoys overseeing his surrounds, checking minuet details and relaying quirky ideas and solutions to his allies. However, he cannot be reasoned with easily when the opportunity arises to examine peculiar artifacts or potentially tamable, yet ungodly critters.

Will the party survive the prison? Will the new addition enrage Marshal any further? Will Atticus befriend anymore horrors at the expense of his party?
Find out in the next installment of Vizandria; A Saga of Exile!

Atticus 'Baelmire' Farello

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